Cybele, named after the Goddess of Nature, is recognizable for her powerful and earthy tonal character. This is an articulate instrument that can not only be played with the utmost delicacy in intimate settings, but also can display great power and can be driven hard without the “break up” that is often heard in a small body guitar. The tone is very clear with a bell like mid-range and a sparkling high end, providing the cutting power when played alongside other instruments. The high volume output of this “small body” instrument can be attributed to its lower bout dimension of 15″.

Eos, named for the Goddess of Dawn, is distinguished for her smooth and refreshing blossom in every note. Designed for the finger-style guitar player, it is incredibly well balanced and makes a piece of music come alive with ease. It is responsive and very vocal with clear, clean notes with a complex series of overtones. The instrument has a strong sustain, performs very well through a mic, and truly defines the look of Andrew White Guitars for musicians that demand a stage presence that visually communicates the depth of their ability to play with the utmost of nuance.

Freja named after the Goddess of Love and War, is noted for her unsurpassed ability to excel both as a rhythmic instrument, producing clean solid chords, and as a melodic instrument, producing an articulate voice with clear note separation.  The Freja model is the largest of the three guitars and with that is the loudest and most powerful. Even with the added power and volume that comes from this larger body the guitar maintains a clarity not found in most other guitars of the same size. It is at home in many situations and although the bigger body size makes it perfect for strumming full chords.

The TRIED AND TRUE designs based on the traditional Pre-War Martin and Gibson guitars of yesteryear. Exceptional tone, meticulous craftsmanship, and the designs that have defined the standard for nearly a century